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As an elite Transformational Speaker, Kim will strategically position your audience to a place of power, hope, and abundance. She delivers an electrifying experience like no other; Kim penetrates the heart and soul of your audience on a cellular level. Your event attendees will receive an unforgettable, highly engaging, and interactive experience. She is devoted to speaking, teaching, and reaching the masses by transforming lives from scarcity to abundance one day at a time. Kim is a highly requested, results-driven Abundance Mindset expert!!!







Top 4 Speaking Topics:

  1. Embrace Your Inner Queen-Dig deep within to discover how extraordinary you are and reign supreme in all you do. It’s time to step into your power and operate like a Queen. 

  2. Lack to Luxury-Stop playing small and shrinking your dreams to match your current reality. Lack to Luxury transforms the mediocre mindset by powerfully breaking through limiting beliefs and increasing your wealth consciousness; to produce a prosperous mindset that delivers a luxurious lifestyle.   

  3. Crowned for Abundant Success –You were born with Royal DNA flowing through your veins. Access your royal inheritance and learn the spiritual secrets for abundant success. You are crowned for massive miracles.  

  4. It’s Too Small-Don’t sell yourself short with living beneath your means from thinking too small. Explore the key components to catapult you from pint-size dreams to thriving in overflow.

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